Hurricanes are huge swirling storms that create winds of 75 miles per hour or up to 200 miles per hour. Hurricanes are mostly formed over eastern Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean. Mainly, there are five types of hurricanes in the world. Every hurricane generally lasts for 7 days, moving 10-20 mph over warm ocean water. The speed of hurricanes is as high as cheetah animal. When they strike land, they can damage trees, buildings etc.

Parts of hurricane:-

There are three parts of the hurricane i.e. eye, eye wall and rain bands.

  • Eye:-
    It is the central part of the storm. There are light winds and fair weather in this part of hurricane.
  • Eye wall:-
    It looks like a circle of thunderstorms swirling around the eye. Strong winds and heavy rain occurs in the eye wall.
  • Rain bands:-
    Cloud bands and rain are very far away from an eye wall. These bands can stretch for several miles and contain many thunderstorms.

How hurricanes are formed?

Hurricanes are formed only over warm ocean water because the energy of the storm increases due to evaporation from the warm water. The surface water temperature required to form hurricanes is 26 degrees Celsius or higher. The other condition needed to cause hurricanes is winds that should not change a lot when they go up in the sky. Hurricanes spin in clockwise direction if they are formed in the northern hemisphere and in anticlockwise direction if they are formed in the southern hemisphere.

 Impact of hurricane:-

  • Storm surge:-
    It is the most harmful effect of the hurricanes. When hurricanes strike sea coast, they pushes the water towards the coast. This causes the fast rise in the sea level resulting in storm surge and can cause floods.
  • Heavy rain:-
    This is another effect of hurricane which may continue even after the subsiding of hurricane. It is the major reason of causing destructive floods. This leads to many deaths. Heavy rain occurs before and after six hours of hurricane.
  • Winds:-

    The high winds caused by the hurricanes destroy houses, buildings and many other structures. Debris can penetrate anything with a huge force. The speed of the wind can be up to 200mph.

  • Tornadoes:-
    Sometimes hurricanes produce tornadoes also. Tornadoes occur due to high energy and instability developed when hurricane reaches onto the land. Most of the times, the tornadoes are less in strength.

Safety measures:-

  • Before arrival of hurricane:-
  • You should always watch weather forecast on the TV.
  • You can bring outdoor things that can blow away inside the home.
  • A first aid kit, torch, protective clothes etc must be ready.
  • You must have cash in hand also because banks can be closed at that time.
  • During hurricane:-
  • You must not go near flood prone areas. Instead you should stay inside your home.
  • Call on emergency numbers so that they can evacuate you on time.
  • You should stay away from doors and windows.
  • After hurricane:-
  • You must not come out of your house unless it is safe.
  • You should drink mineral water instead of tap water.
  • Electric installations must be checked to avoid electric shock.

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