Now a days, it is becoming very difficult to bear the heat waves especially for aged people. Heat waves mostly occur between March and June and sometimes in the month of July also. This excessive has very adverse effects on the health of the people and it can even lead to death. The amount of excessive heat is calculated by Heat Index Values. Heat waves can exist for some days or even weeks.

Reason for causing heat waves:-

There are many reasons which cause heat waves like:-

  • Pressure:-

    Heat waves occur when a system of high atmospheric pressure develops across an area. Due to this high pressure, other weather systems find difficulty to move into the area resulting in a prolonged period of heat waves. These waves cause the area to become hotter because it also restricts clouds from entering the region.

  • Climate change:-

    The change in climate is another reason to cause heat waves. When there is an increase in global temperature then heat waves also rises. With a stronger greenhouse effect, heat waves can occur more often and will exist for a long period of time.

Effect of heat waves:-

  • Impact on humans:-

    Heat waves have very dangerous effects on human health. It can cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headache etc due to dehydration. People can also have swelling, muscle cramps, weakness, dizziness etc. Sometimes people also get fainted due to heat stroke and if patient do not get proper treatment on time then it can cause death also.

  • Impact on crops:-

    Forest fire can also occur if heat waves continue for some months because crops and leaves of the trees become very dry.  This fire can also burn the homes of the people living nearby the forests. Many farmers do suicide when their crops get damaged as farmers depend only on crops for their livelihood.

  • Power failure:-

    Due to urban heat island effect, there could be the possibility of blackout and power outage in the urban areas. The transmission lines get heated up due to high temperature resulting in power failure.

  • Water resources:-

    There could be shortage of water due to increase in demand of water supply during summers. Water quality is also degraded due to hot temperature and affects the marine creatures also because they can die due to the warm water. High temperature can cause excessive growth of algae in rivers decreasing the population of fish by killing them.

Safety tips:-

  • You must drink plenty of water during summers so that you will stay hydrated all the time.
  • Avoid going out in the afternoon time because the sun rays are very hot during that time.
  • You must reduce the protein intake during hot weather as they warm your body by increasing the metabolic heat.
  • Drinking alcohol must be avoided as they promote dehydration.
  • Try to spend time at cooling places.
  • You must take care of pet animals because they also suffer the bad effects of the heat waves.

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