Global warming has become a major issue now a days. As per the recent study, the global temperature can be raised up to 5.8 degree Celsius by the year 2100.
Some studies have shown that the global warming is causing major harm to the lizards because these reptiles control their body temperature with the help of external environment. According to the research done in the University of Santa Cruz, 20% of the lizard species will go extinct by the year 2080. As per the latest news in UK’s newspaper The Guardian, global warming is becoming a racial issue also. Thus it is also becoming a political matter. So everybody should take some steps to reduce global warming before it is too late.

Major causes of global warming:-

  • Man made activity:-

    When scientists studied the records of climate change of over 500 years back, they concluded that human activity is the major cause of global warming for a long time. The climate warming increases to a great extent even when there is a small increase in greenhouse gases. Animal agriculture contributes to 51% evolution of greenhouse gases. So every human being should make some efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

  • Natural cause:-

    There are some natural factors also which are causing global warming. The Environment Protection Agency has given a statement that sun spots and sun flares are raising global temperature day by day. NASA has concluded that even water vapors also contribute to global warming. However, NASA is finding solution for this problem.

    Major Effects of global warming:-

  • Warmer oceans:-

    The warmer oceans have forced the aquatic creatures like jellyfish, plankton etc to move towards cold regions to survive. Some studies show that diseases are spreading through oceans because harmful microbes are increasing at a very fast rate. This means that the water in the oceans will become poisonous to both marine and human life.

  • Air Pollution:-

    Recently the air pollution in the China has badly affected the climate of East Asia. The manufacturing units produce air pollution to a great extent. Aerosols are assuming to be the reason behind the notorious smog of Beijing. According to the news published in Nature Geo-sciences, aerosols are bigger culprits of global warming than greenhouse gases. As per the recent study, smog can reduce the economy of china by 2.6% by the year 2060.

    Government response:-

    Government is making several attempts to decrease global warming like how to reduce carbon emission levels.US government is also finding different ways to increase the sources of renewable energy.
    They are also focusing on capturing the excessive carbon dioxide generated from power plants and sequestering it.

    Issues related to carbon Sequestration:-
    There are many problems associated with carbon sequestration like:-

  • If you will deposit carbon dioxide into the oceans then there can be a problem of ocean acidification.
  • If you increase the growth of plankton’s which have ability to absorb carbon then the matter of ecological disruption may rise.

    So there are advantages as well as disadvantages of carbon sequestration but there is no effective solution of global warming till now.

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