Tornado is the violently rotating column of air which moves over earth and extends till big portion of cloud in the sky and sis also known as a twister. In layman terms, we can describe a tornado like a funnel whose one end touches the earth and other end connects to a large cumulous cloud and this funnel is so much in motion that it embraces everything furiously which is around irrespective of size, architecture and weight and thus ships, airplanes, trees, houses and everything are caught and ruined in this wind. In this post we have tried to pop up some of the unknown facts about tornado which are interesting and unique as well as frightening at the same time! We promise no technical in this post, so this is just for insight into ferocious and breath taking tornadoes!
Why not tornadoes hit every country on the globe?

If you go by history then the frequency and intensity of tornadoes is the highest in United States of America (wiki says that it has more than 1200 tornadoes on an average). There are many countries in the world which have either never or tornadoes on an average every year) very rarely experienced the tornado. The reason for this is that tornado requires some of the specific atmospheric conditions to pop up and not all countries have such kind of ‘tornado’ environments. To be more specific, here are few conditions which are responsible for giving birth to a tornado:

  • Positioning of land in relation to the water bodies
  • Heating of the surface due to conduction, convection or collision of air masses
  • Presence of lifting mechanisms which aids in increasing the length of tornado including mountains, boundaries and fronts etc.
  • Presence of moisture and wind shear

USA is said to have the most diverse weather in whole world and may be that is the reason which makes it conducive for tornado. For example, Oklahoma weather vary throughout. Moore gets more tornadoes than Edmond because the weather bounces more in Moore. In other words, the recipe of tornado finds all it ingredients in US!
There are very interesting stories linked to tornadoes which on one hand grabs your attention but on the other hand frightens you and urges to think about the nature’s wrath. Along with this there are some myths and presumptions which hover around the globe relating to tornado. As now as you are showing interest in this post, we would love to share them with you. Keep reading, we bet you would not be aware about all of them!
Tornado and Bermuda Triangle

Tornadoes cane utterly dreadful and dangerous and what if you hear about this tornado in Bermuda Triangle? Scary, isn’t it? Bermuda Triangle is nothing but mystery but in case you have seen the video shared by the pilot who survived the triangle and captured the tornadoes originating from the sea level and continuing all over above the clouds then you feel your goose bumps even if you are sitting miles away. Bermuda triangle is one such area where all your science fails and the incidents over there doesn’t give you sense to think about presence of ‘tornado ingredients’, it just happens over there!

Tornado Blessing

Little on this earth can withstand the violent fury of Tornadoes. Everyone believes this fact but there have been real life instances where tornadoes have picked up objects and people and set them down without any injury or damage. These stories are true but incredible rare. To quote one instance from April 2011, the young boy was sleeping in bed when a tornado sucked him from his home and after tornado calmed down, it dropped the boy alive few miles away from his place. Such events are quite rare and unbelievable but they are real and that is what makes them beautiful.

Water and Tornado

There is one myth associated with tornado which states that tornadoes can’t cross lakes and water bodies. It doesn’t hold true because tornadoes can surpass river and lakes and can also originate from water bodies. Water generated tornadoes are called waterspouts and thus if one holds a presumption that a water body can act as shelter during tornado then that doesn’t hold true.

Tornado Alley

If you are reading a lot about Tornadoes then you must have heard of the area which is named as ‘Tornado Alley’. This is that part of US which stretches from northwest Texas and extends into Canada and is quite prone to tornadoes.  Its name is just a colloquial term which was used by scientists’ way back in 1952 but seems like that this area justifies its name very well! It may sound surprising but more than 50% of tornadoes hitting US are directly or indirectly related to this alley.

Collision of tornado and Volcanic Eruption

If this happens, then first of all it can turn out to be heartlessly dangerous in the history of globe! But on the scientific side, this kind of scenario is quite uncommon as tornadoes generally hit those areas where there is collision of unstable and cold air masses whereas volcano requires fairly hot surroundings to burst. But even if this happens, say if there is an active volcano in the cold region then the incredible heat and kinetic energy of volcanic eruption would succeed in disrupting the convection of tornado. Eruption would simply overpower the tornado and evaporate all of its water content!  Deadly shower of molten rock will dominate little swirl of air is what experts say!

Most of you might be aware of tornado of May 31, 2013 which is the largest tornado on record till now. That was actually a ferocious one which claimed so many lives and injured endless people. Ones, who have experienced it, survived it or even captured a glimpse of it, probably know the actual importance of this priceless life! Tornadoes can rip apart cities and lives and thus it may seem fascinating to look at the pictures available online, it is quite dreadful to have a glimpse of it in actual. Weather predictions generally warn about the tornadoes as Pulse-Doppler radar, photogrametry, and ground swirl patterns helps in detecting them.

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