Hurricanes are huge swirling storms that create winds of 75 miles per hour or up to 200 miles per hour. Hurricanes are mostly formed over eastern Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean. Mainly, there are five types of hurricanes in the world. Every hurricane generally lasts for 7 days, moving 10-20 mph over warm ocean water. The speed of hurricanes is as high as cheetah animal. When they strike land, they can damage trees, buildings etc.

Parts of hurricane:-

There are three parts of the hurricane i.e. eye, eye wall and rain bands.

  • Eye:-
    It is the central part of the storm. There are light winds and fair weather in this part of hurricane.
  • Eye wall:-
    It looks like a circle of thunderstorms swirling around the eye. Strong winds and heavy rain occurs in the eye wall.
  • Rain bands:-
    Cloud bands and rain are very far away from an eye wall. These bands can stretch for several miles and contain many thunderstorms.

How hurricanes are formed?

Hurricanes are formed only over warm ocean water because the energy of the storm increases due to evaporation from the warm water. The surface water temperature required to form hurricanes is 26 degrees Celsius or higher. The other condition needed to cause hurricanes is winds that should not change a lot when they go up in the sky. Hurricanes spin in clockwise direction if they are formed in the northern hemisphere and in anticlockwise direction if they are formed in the southern hemisphere.

 Impact of hurricane:-

  • Storm surge:-
    It is the most harmful effect of the hurricanes. When hurricanes strike sea coast, they pushes the water towards the coast. This causes the fast rise in the sea level resulting in storm surge and can cause floods.
  • Heavy rain:-
    This is another effect of hurricane which may continue even after the subsiding of hurricane. It is the major reason of causing destructive floods. This leads to many deaths. Heavy rain occurs before and after six hours of hurricane.
  • Winds:-

    The high winds caused by the hurricanes destroy houses, buildings and many other structures. Debris can penetrate anything with a huge force. The speed of the wind can be up to 200mph.

  • Tornadoes:-
    Sometimes hurricanes produce tornadoes also. Tornadoes occur due to high energy and instability developed when hurricane reaches onto the land. Most of the times, the tornadoes are less in strength.

Safety measures:-

  • Before arrival of hurricane:-
  • You should always watch weather forecast on the TV.
  • You can bring outdoor things that can blow away inside the home.
  • A first aid kit, torch, protective clothes etc must be ready.
  • You must have cash in hand also because banks can be closed at that time.
  • During hurricane:-
  • You must not go near flood prone areas. Instead you should stay inside your home.
  • Call on emergency numbers so that they can evacuate you on time.
  • You should stay away from doors and windows.
  • After hurricane:-
  • You must not come out of your house unless it is safe.
  • You should drink mineral water instead of tap water.
  • Electric installations must be checked to avoid electric shock.


Tornado is the violently rotating column of air which moves over earth and extends till big portion of cloud in the sky and sis also known as a twister. In layman terms, we can describe a tornado like a funnel whose one end touches the earth and other end connects to a large cumulous cloud and this funnel is so much in motion that it embraces everything furiously which is around irrespective of size, architecture and weight and thus ships, airplanes, trees, houses and everything are caught and ruined in this wind. In this post we have tried to pop up some of the unknown facts about tornado which are interesting and unique as well as frightening at the same time! We promise no technical in this post, so this is just for insight into ferocious and breath taking tornadoes!
Why not tornadoes hit every country on the globe?

If you go by history then the frequency and intensity of tornadoes is the highest in United States of America (wiki says that it has more than 1200 tornadoes on an average). There are many countries in the world which have either never or tornadoes on an average every year) very rarely experienced the tornado. The reason for this is that tornado requires some of the specific atmospheric conditions to pop up and not all countries have such kind of ‘tornado’ environments. To be more specific, here are few conditions which are responsible for giving birth to a tornado:

  • Positioning of land in relation to the water bodies
  • Heating of the surface due to conduction, convection or collision of air masses
  • Presence of lifting mechanisms which aids in increasing the length of tornado including mountains, boundaries and fronts etc.
  • Presence of moisture and wind shear

USA is said to have the most diverse weather in whole world and may be that is the reason which makes it conducive for tornado. For example, Oklahoma weather vary throughout. Moore gets more tornadoes than Edmond because the weather bounces more in Moore. In other words, the recipe of tornado finds all it ingredients in US!
There are very interesting stories linked to tornadoes which on one hand grabs your attention but on the other hand frightens you and urges to think about the nature’s wrath. Along with this there are some myths and presumptions which hover around the globe relating to tornado. As now as you are showing interest in this post, we would love to share them with you. Keep reading, we bet you would not be aware about all of them!
Tornado and Bermuda Triangle

Tornadoes cane utterly dreadful and dangerous and what if you hear about this tornado in Bermuda Triangle? Scary, isn’t it? Bermuda Triangle is nothing but mystery but in case you have seen the video shared by the pilot who survived the triangle and captured the tornadoes originating from the sea level and continuing all over above the clouds then you feel your goose bumps even if you are sitting miles away. Bermuda triangle is one such area where all your science fails and the incidents over there doesn’t give you sense to think about presence of ‘tornado ingredients’, it just happens over there!

Tornado Blessing

Little on this earth can withstand the violent fury of Tornadoes. Everyone believes this fact but there have been real life instances where tornadoes have picked up objects and people and set them down without any injury or damage. These stories are true but incredible rare. To quote one instance from April 2011, the young boy was sleeping in bed when a tornado sucked him from his home and after tornado calmed down, it dropped the boy alive few miles away from his place. Such events are quite rare and unbelievable but they are real and that is what makes them beautiful.

Water and Tornado

There is one myth associated with tornado which states that tornadoes can’t cross lakes and water bodies. It doesn’t hold true because tornadoes can surpass river and lakes and can also originate from water bodies. Water generated tornadoes are called waterspouts and thus if one holds a presumption that a water body can act as shelter during tornado then that doesn’t hold true.

Tornado Alley

If you are reading a lot about Tornadoes then you must have heard of the area which is named as ‘Tornado Alley’. This is that part of US which stretches from northwest Texas and extends into Canada and is quite prone to tornadoes.  Its name is just a colloquial term which was used by scientists’ way back in 1952 but seems like that this area justifies its name very well! It may sound surprising but more than 50% of tornadoes hitting US are directly or indirectly related to this alley.

Collision of tornado and Volcanic Eruption

If this happens, then first of all it can turn out to be heartlessly dangerous in the history of globe! But on the scientific side, this kind of scenario is quite uncommon as tornadoes generally hit those areas where there is collision of unstable and cold air masses whereas volcano requires fairly hot surroundings to burst. But even if this happens, say if there is an active volcano in the cold region then the incredible heat and kinetic energy of volcanic eruption would succeed in disrupting the convection of tornado. Eruption would simply overpower the tornado and evaporate all of its water content!  Deadly shower of molten rock will dominate little swirl of air is what experts say!

Most of you might be aware of tornado of May 31, 2013 which is the largest tornado on record till now. That was actually a ferocious one which claimed so many lives and injured endless people. Ones, who have experienced it, survived it or even captured a glimpse of it, probably know the actual importance of this priceless life! Tornadoes can rip apart cities and lives and thus it may seem fascinating to look at the pictures available online, it is quite dreadful to have a glimpse of it in actual. Weather predictions generally warn about the tornadoes as Pulse-Doppler radar, photogrametry, and ground swirl patterns helps in detecting them.


Now a days, it is becoming very difficult to bear the heat waves especially for aged people. Heat waves mostly occur between March and June and sometimes in the month of July also. This excessive has very adverse effects on the health of the people and it can even lead to death. The amount of excessive heat is calculated by Heat Index Values. Heat waves can exist for some days or even weeks.

Reason for causing heat waves:-

There are many reasons which cause heat waves like:-

  • Pressure:-

    Heat waves occur when a system of high atmospheric pressure develops across an area. Due to this high pressure, other weather systems find difficulty to move into the area resulting in a prolonged period of heat waves. These waves cause the area to become hotter because it also restricts clouds from entering the region.

  • Climate change:-

    The change in climate is another reason to cause heat waves. When there is an increase in global temperature then heat waves also rises. With a stronger greenhouse effect, heat waves can occur more often and will exist for a long period of time.

Effect of heat waves:-

  • Impact on humans:-

    Heat waves have very dangerous effects on human health. It can cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, headache etc due to dehydration. People can also have swelling, muscle cramps, weakness, dizziness etc. Sometimes people also get fainted due to heat stroke and if patient do not get proper treatment on time then it can cause death also.

  • Impact on crops:-

    Forest fire can also occur if heat waves continue for some months because crops and leaves of the trees become very dry.  This fire can also burn the homes of the people living nearby the forests. Many farmers do suicide when their crops get damaged as farmers depend only on crops for their livelihood.

  • Power failure:-

    Due to urban heat island effect, there could be the possibility of blackout and power outage in the urban areas. The transmission lines get heated up due to high temperature resulting in power failure.

  • Water resources:-

    There could be shortage of water due to increase in demand of water supply during summers. Water quality is also degraded due to hot temperature and affects the marine creatures also because they can die due to the warm water. High temperature can cause excessive growth of algae in rivers decreasing the population of fish by killing them.

Safety tips:-

  • You must drink plenty of water during summers so that you will stay hydrated all the time.
  • Avoid going out in the afternoon time because the sun rays are very hot during that time.
  • You must reduce the protein intake during hot weather as they warm your body by increasing the metabolic heat.
  • Drinking alcohol must be avoided as they promote dehydration.
  • Try to spend time at cooling places.
  • You must take care of pet animals because they also suffer the bad effects of the heat waves.


Global warming has become a major issue now a days. As per the recent study, the global temperature can be raised up to 5.8 degree Celsius by the year 2100.
Some studies have shown that the global warming is causing major harm to the lizards because these reptiles control their body temperature with the help of external environment. According to the research done in the University of Santa Cruz, 20% of the lizard species will go extinct by the year 2080. As per the latest news in UK’s newspaper The Guardian, global warming is becoming a racial issue also. Thus it is also becoming a political matter. So everybody should take some steps to reduce global warming before it is too late.

Major causes of global warming:-

  • Man made activity:-

    When scientists studied the records of climate change of over 500 years back, they concluded that human activity is the major cause of global warming for a long time. The climate warming increases to a great extent even when there is a small increase in greenhouse gases. Animal agriculture contributes to 51% evolution of greenhouse gases. So every human being should make some efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

  • Natural cause:-

    There are some natural factors also which are causing global warming. The Environment Protection Agency has given a statement that sun spots and sun flares are raising global temperature day by day. NASA has concluded that even water vapors also contribute to global warming. However, NASA is finding solution for this problem.

    Major Effects of global warming:-

  • Warmer oceans:-

    The warmer oceans have forced the aquatic creatures like jellyfish, plankton etc to move towards cold regions to survive. Some studies show that diseases are spreading through oceans because harmful microbes are increasing at a very fast rate. This means that the water in the oceans will become poisonous to both marine and human life.

  • Air Pollution:-

    Recently the air pollution in the China has badly affected the climate of East Asia. The manufacturing units produce air pollution to a great extent. Aerosols are assuming to be the reason behind the notorious smog of Beijing. According to the news published in Nature Geo-sciences, aerosols are bigger culprits of global warming than greenhouse gases. As per the recent study, smog can reduce the economy of china by 2.6% by the year 2060.

    Government response:-

    Government is making several attempts to decrease global warming like how to reduce carbon emission levels.US government is also finding different ways to increase the sources of renewable energy.
    They are also focusing on capturing the excessive carbon dioxide generated from power plants and sequestering it.

    Issues related to carbon Sequestration:-
    There are many problems associated with carbon sequestration like:-

  • If you will deposit carbon dioxide into the oceans then there can be a problem of ocean acidification.
  • If you increase the growth of plankton’s which have ability to absorb carbon then the matter of ecological disruption may rise.

    So there are advantages as well as disadvantages of carbon sequestration but there is no effective solution of global warming till now.

Interesting Facts about Weather Science

There are so many interesting things to know about weather science that you may rarely find in normal books but they are still worth noticing. Scientists usually keep on doing some experiments on weather science and come out with various crazy, funny and wonderful concepts that you must know. If you want to train you kid with all science wonders then weather science can also be included in their data base that will help them for long run to build strong concepts for future.

Below are few quick- crazy facts about weather science that will force your mind to think twice about wonders of nature:

  • The rain drop which is moving at its fastest speed can hit a human by 18mph at maximum.
  • 90% people of all those who die during Hurricane are observed to be died due to drowning.
  • The coldest temperature noted in History was – 126.9 degree Fahrenheit and it was recorded at Antarctica’s Vostok Station.
  • The time consumed between the evaporation and precipitation of a water droplet use to be very high as during this period it can travel thousands of miles.
  • Weather Science says that the lifetime of any tiny cumulus cloud use to be somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes at an average.
  • A corn field of almost one acre area is proven to serve about 4000 gallons of water every day in the evaporation process.
  • The water molecules use to stay for about 10 to 12 days in earth’s atmosphere.
  • Any snowflake falling from sky with a maximum speed of 2 to 4 mph can usually take one hour to reach at ground surface.
  • Every single minute of a day contribute in 1 billion tons of rain falling on earth.
  • The surprising fact is that at an average there are almost 1800 thunderstorms along with 100 lightning strikes/ second in earth’s surface.
  • The lightning bolts are observed to travel up to 60 miles in general.
  • You will be amazed to know that a lightning bolt use to travel with a speed of 14000 mph and it is responsible for bringing about 300000 volts electricity to ground at once.
  • The air present around a lightning bolt gets heated up to 30,000 degrees Celsius and this temperature use to be about five times higher than that of sun’s surface.
  • The chances where people get struck in lightning use to be for one among three millions.
  • Till now the biggest hailstone was recorded in United States that was having total size of 7 inch which is almost equal to a soccer ball.
  • The sad part is that lightning use to burn about 10000 forests every year in United States.
  • In just a one day the hurricane use to release such a higher amount of electricity that is enough to serve general electricity needs of all nations for about 6 months.
  • One inch of rain water use to be equivalent to about 15” of powdery, dry snow.

The Weather You Might Not Know

Are you wanting to know more about the weather? Then Welcome to Weather Season where we’ll be talking about some facts about some types of weather.  The weather changes all the time and we need to be prepared for what might happen next. So join me as I explain some weather conditions and why they happen. Come back soon and have an amazing day!